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how i can keep ants out of my tent ? Answered




-Don't keep any food unpackaged and sealed.
-Don't set up a tent on or around an ant pile.

To keep ants out of my dogs food container i made a circle of cinnamon around the container. Something in the cinnamon makes ants not to cross it and has worked every time i have used it. Cinnamon is easily found at most stores and works to keep ants out of anything and is your best solution to this problem.

Can't you get your uncles to keep them busy?


8 years ago

Don't blame me if ants come into your tent, because this is just an idea. You could try putting sugar water in a puddle far away from your tent.


8 years ago

Most importantly, NO FOOD in the tent, ever.

Always cook and eat 50 feet or more away from the tent.

Keeps bears out, too (which is the real reason to keep food far away.)

Related: No toothpaste in the tent either -- again, because it will attract bears.


I've stayed in places like Tuolumne Meadows, where they will gladly show you photos of automobiles that were ripped open by bears--all to get at that toothpaste or a scented bar of soap, or those loose M&Ms in the back seat...

I heard even flavored chapstick is a problem!

Hire some bigger bugs as "security". But make sure you actually "pay" them.


You could try drawing a line around the tent with a diluted vinegar-water mixture, I think ants would stray away from it if you left a thick enough line in the dirt (or grass). Let us all know what works, because I'm actually getting very curious about this now.

I heard somewhere that making a trail using a dilute formic acid solution would divert ants to wherever the trail led. No idea if it's true or not, but if it is, you could also use the same solution to make ant-grafitti on public buildings. Hmmm...


To stop ants coming into my house I tried peppermint oil mixed with water sprayed around the doorstep ; another time I tried a clove of garlic smeared along the doorstep.
Both seemed to work but it could have been a coincidence.

I'm not sure what type of tent you use but I have a double skinned tent with no-see-um-netting so if an ant gets in, (not often),  I know that it has been carried in on my bags or clothing rather than just wandering; so its always worth checking before you bring them into the tent.

It depends on how much of a problem you have; I just lick my finger, dab them up and flick them outside.

But if you are in a big open style tent then go for the peppermint and water in a sprayer; At least that smells nice, (Although I actually love the smell of garlic).

I've heard that a line of vinegar or even bay leaves works but I'm a bit sceptical about that.

Blah, blah, blah.
Good Luck.