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how i can make a circuit of FM transmitter in range of 5 Km.? Answered

PLZ help me to make a FM Transmitter in the range of 5 Km. with a easy way


sir i want to build an fm radio to start the fm transmission in my college campus

and also my project work so please help me at prabhurajee11@gmail.com my email

Sir. have a good day.. can i asked your 5km fm transmitter.. out local government is giving us permit to run a maximum of 5km fm transmitter with out any pay.. but for a simplified reason ... this is my email.. nash_AAA90@yahoo.com

5 km fm transmitter range is illegal to use ,so dnt try to make this ,frm gaurav garg i have also make 2 km range ckt ,if u need it u can contact to me .frm gaurav garg sri ganganagar

you can use old vacuum tube( valve) some thing named so, this can be found in an old TV or radio. nowadays we use the Transistor instead .
those valves are very useful for long-distance FM transmission .

I have interest to do FM transmitter in range of 5 Km.Please give the circuit diagram and related informations for that.My mail id is jeeswinjose@gmail.com.Please help me.........

Hi, I m Mukesh Yadav From Faridabad & want to make a 5 km range fm transmitter for a little spy time. After the work i convert it in 50meter range with another frequency for Mic systems in mini uses.

hei i need tat 2 km range ckt can you help me.. dinezeazy@gmail.com s ma mail id plz respond

dude, 5km range fm transmitter is i thing is quite intricate to make ,,but i can give the link  for making an fm transmitter of range 2 km,,,if ur happy wid it then go for this ,,here is the link given below:-

Well you're not gonna make it happen with a modded iTrip. You'd need to get a serious transmitter and build it yourself like at freeradio.org. Not cheap, but not super expensive.

Not to mention that in a lot of places building a transmitter with that range without a licence would be illegal.

why is it illegal though?

Because companies pay a lot of money to government(s) for the right to broadcast on FM frequencies. There are laws that govern the strength of a transmitter you're allowed to use as well as frequencies allocated for hobby use (AM frequencies).

Look at Ramsey Electronics.  They have some nice FM kits and prebuilt stuff that works.

I don't know about 5 miles cause that's gonna get you busted real quick, and sometime a pretty big fine even for first offenders.