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how is it i can hack someones laptop ? Answered




5 years ago

There is a thin iron metal band that you can use..

Oh and it has little saw like protuberances on one long side edge.

I think they call it a para metales in Spanish :-)

I posted my sarcastic reply before reading your sarcastic reply. Damn.

This question seems to be getting a lot of answers that are not totally sincere, but then you're kind of wasting everyone's time with such a vague question.

There are ways to gain access to some, or all of, the contents of laptop to which you have physical access.  Physical access means you've got the laptop in front of you, and you can start it up and type on the type on the keyboard.

Assuming it is your laptop, this is all perfectly legal. I am guessing you are looking for some sort of password reset tool or technique.

Those are good words to include in your search:  "password" and "reset"

Also in that query you should include the name of the operating system (OS) asking for the password.  It might be Linux, Windows, Mac, or it might be the BIOS asking for the password :

As an example, here's a search of the Instructables web site, using their search button, for the words:  reset windows password

Here's the same trick using Google

Sorry if any of this seems obvious.

(by old definition of the word) in anyway that you want to change the look of it, so long as you have permission or are being payed. I think a all metal top and bottom pan would be pretty cool.

(by new definition of the word) no comment.

By new definition, to hack is to take ownership of something you already own; i.e. 'hackerspace' works with unlocking the true potential of stuff - not necessarily nefarious, as the interim definition leads the populace to believe.

This is not always true since an item can be "hacked" by someone else for some monitory means. For example, many people every year pay a custom car place to change, modify, alter, or take true ownership of said car. Also, the question uses the word "someone" thus stating it is not his property. Thus why I said "so long as you have permission" if you own the item, yes obviously you have your own permission.

Step 1: Get a hack saw.
Step 2: profit.

Probably because the person left it alone, and you stumbled across it and started typing.


5 years ago

The reason that you can hack someones laptop is that virtually no software or hardware security measure is 100%