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how is it possible for you k-nex fanatics to to stay hooked on k-nex for so long ? Answered



How is it possible for you to enjoy a hobby for so long? Well first off, I along with many others have many hobbies. K'nex is rather low priority actually.
K'nex is just easy to build with but still yields fascinating results. For those who can't make something as good, they try to get better. How's that any different from things like sports? They all follow a same pattern. You work, you get results, you have a feeling of accomplishment.
People only see K'nex as a toy. It disappoints me.

Yes, when you look at those ball machines on the internet, or at those guns we make here, knex seems to be more then "just a toy". It's an art.

Same reason it's possible for fanatics of baseball, anime, music, etc. to get hooked onto their respective things; it's something we enjoy, it's incredibly popular (over 10 million people build with K'Nex, believe it or not), and it's also something you can collaborate and discuss.

It's also the fact that there are so many possible things you can build with K'Nex that anyone with a big enough imagination can keep coming up with new ideas for things and just build them.

Knex is a very technical building toy. By comparison, knex is much more versatile then for example lego. That means you can build a lot of interesting contraptions with knex, which all work in a different way. And since everything new that you make with knex is different... Really, you could go on with knexing forever; that is, if you are interested in it.

Another reason is that we have a community here to provide feedback, which makes you feel like you did something others like. I know that sounds strange, but this is also why most artists stay hooked on drawing, for example.

PS: Yes, from a scientific point of view, knex is an art.

Because you can build about everything with is!

Yes, when there's real stuff you could build in Meccano. I don't know why it isn't more popular in this Maker community.,

Mecanno has shifted like Lego to small "build this" kits, it's the TV generation, where people want that but build that? You see the questions, people demand this or that, doing it themselves is a foreign concept these days.


James May did the best thing on Meccano I've ever seen, I bet popularity went up after that show aired....

Does Meccano need introducing to this generation by an 'ible then ? 


Maybe - do you have some?
I might get around to using some bits one day.


It's not just toys, I use it to make practical things, game holders, shelves, etc.
During my childhood, every few months, my PS/PS2 had a new rack containing all it's games :p

And just like Lego, people always want to build something new. It's a way of making what you want. Some do it with wood and nails, some do it in electronics and others do it with stuff like knex and lego's.

To bad lego's won over k'nex on the market.

It isn't, really.
 2 years ago, when I joined ibles, I had about 3 bins of knex.
I used it ALL the time, and my house was a mess.
By the time I was 13, it was even worse, I had about 10,000 pieces by then, and anything I didn't have I made out of knex.
 I also NEVER take stuff apart. Now though, in the past year, I've shifted far away from knex, and hardly ever use it. I still love it, I just have better things to do.


8 years ago

When I was 10, I got a huge Erector set for Christmas and it almost immediately became my favorite toy. I could build airplanes one day, bridges and cranes the next and Ferris wheels the day after that. I could pretend I was a pilot, or an engineer or a circus owner and feel a sense of accomplishment when I was pleased with my creations. And, on the times when my dad would take a look at what I was doing and say, Hey, that's pretty neat," I was elated.
I still have that Erector set, plus all the others I have added to it over the years. I don't use it anymore, but I still connect a lot of happy memories to it.
One of these days, I may have a grandson to give it to.
I think it is the same sort of thing for the Knexers today, except for the grandson part. lol

meany!!!!!!! it does seem childish, but there is so much stuff to make out of knex, that is why it is fun to kork with them. 

Try it out and see for yourself.  I used to hate knex myself, then I decided to give it a try, I liked it even though the first few guns I made sucked.  The fun comes from making em work.