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how is it possible that the general world of people move away from steam to gasoline? Answered

i mean that with todays steam cars that you can refill with water anywhere and with water being super cheap and natrual source for fuel why would people move away from those kind of cars?



5 years ago

Watch Jay Leno's documentary. Yes Jay has a Stanley steam Car. But, it's unpractical. Imagine you roll up to the casino with your steam car savings and you approach the valet parking attendant... Not gonna happen... Fail.

This is a thing called History, read about it.


During world war 2, the US government asked the farm community to turn in
their old steam engines to be scrapped out and melted down for the war effort. The farmers were encouraged to switch to gasoline or diesel engines. This is not the only reason.... also steam tanks were known to blow up due to steam pressure, and gasoline is more convenient than lugging firewood in your car. Also, it takes a long time to get the engine started with steam because the water must start boiling. Also, in the winter the water tank or water lines can freeze, and that can damage the engine. Farmers have acreage with dead trees and wood just laying around. City folks don't have FREE access to firewood so that is another inconvenience of steam. I'm sure there are a few more.

water isn't a fuel. water is a mechanism to transmit power from fuel (usually coal or other petrolium product/wood) to the piston.

Fill your car with water. what do you have? A wet car. How do you get the water hot enough to be steam? FUEL.

Water is heavy. Heavy vehicles use more fuel. Steam power is hard to contain - it needs heavy containment/pressure vessels. Steam is a really good technology for some things, and terrible for others.


Steam cars were very slow to get started as they needed to heat up a large boiler full of water. of course they still need to use a fuel although that could be anything.

Boilers were/are prone to exploding.

Modern flash steam boiler can be much faster to start - However they still need a fuel and oil based system have already established an infrastructure that is almost global.

Steam powered cars use Coal, wood, or natural gas to heat the water to steam that drive the wheels. They are much less fuel efficient then internal combustion engines and pollute more. Part of the reason they are less efficient is due to the added weight of the fuel and water. Requiring more energy to propel the vehicle.