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how is my metal detector supposed to work, its got 3 settings and i have no idea what they mean? Answered

well its a protex1 MD-318 that i got for $2 at a yard sale. it works i have found a beer can, a nail, worms lots of worms. anyway the 3 settings on it are sensitivity, discriminate, and ground in that order. at the top above the controls is a meter that ranges 0-10 when i found the nail it jumped to 10 when i found the worms it jumped to 10 but i have got the 3 settings on high so go figure! but any help would be awesome!!!!


Set your sensitivity to 3/4 turn(at first), discriminate to around a 1/4 turn (at first) and finally your ground balance to where you (just) begin to hear a slight threshold at appx. 4" above the ground. Threshold sound should increase as you raise the coil above this point. Now, take turn your sensitivity to max. Take a small nail and wave it appx. 2" from bottom of the coil (with the coil raised in the air AWAY from any other metal. Turn disc knob clockwise (slowly) until the nail just clicks and pops. At this discrimination level, you will eliminate nails of course but still bring in p'tabs, nickels' most-to-all gold items, most-to-all clad and silver coins and most-to-all small silver items. Any higher than p'tab discrimination, you (will) eliminate many-to-most gold objects, nickels, small silver, copper, brass, etc., etc. If you take these 'secrets of the pros' to heart you (WILL) out-hunt a (whole) lot of coinhunters with detectors costing up to $1500 who have a whole lot of detector but very little in the way of knowledge and or experience (GUARANTEED)!!!! Good luck and Happy Hunting!!!! PS; When you do dig junk, don't let that discourage you. Remember, if you're digging the older 'Beavertail' p'tabs otherwise known as ring tabs, you're right in the time period right after the U.S. quit minting silver but yet it was still in circulation.

How to tune the ground setting: Turn al the knobs all the way off, that is counter clockwise, now turn up the sensitivity till you hear it buzz, then back down just till it stops. Now take the detector and lower it from about 1 foot off the ground down to the ground. Did you hear a sound? If so, turn up the ground knob about a notch or two, repeat, get a sound? Repeat till you get no sound. Now you are set to the ground soil (repeat this again if you think you're in different conditions, and if you start again on another day) Now either start hunting or turn up the discrinimnation. I think at about halfway or so you will block out iron and aluminum. If you want to filter out trash, try it, otherwise leave it turned off. I assume this model is like my old bounty hunter. If so, this should work for you.

While I wasn't able to find that particular model, 2 of the 3 settings are standard. The Sensitivity setting sets how deep you go or how small the object will be that will be detected. The Discriminate setting allows you to tune to different types of metal. Ground is one I have not run into yet.

Since you have everything turned up, you will pick up everything, as you have seen. Try this: go to a place where you can bury different objects at different depths. Then turn the settings down all the way and try to find the objects while slowly turning up the settings. This should give you an idea of how to operate you detector.

Happy hunting!


Have fun! If you find any missing pirate treasure, it's mine. I lost it there a while back. Really. ;-)

I was leaning toward that but couldn't find anything online, in a hurry, to definitively define it. Good call!


thanks i will try that today or tomorrow at the local park they have a big sandbox thats really deep.