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how long do guppies stay pregnate? Answered

i have a guppie and its been pregnate for a long time,....ive heard they only stay pregnate for a month but its been like 3 so........
the pic. shows a pregnate guppie,you can tell by the black spot that apears on the belly



Guppies often seem to end up permanently pregnant. Are you sure that she isn't actually giving birth? It could be that the babies are just getting eaten up straight away. When I've had similar concerns with my fish in the past, I've found that moving her to a breeding trap soon makes everything clear. Firstly the babies will drop into a safe space where nothing can get at them. Secondly no male can get at her to re-inseminate her so you'll see if she ever goes back to her normal size.

i forgot to put this,...i had put her in a incubater for 2 months and nothing had hapend so i dont know what to do,her stomach hasent gotten any bigger than her regular size

If its been 3 months, then it could be a serious intestinal infection which can cause bloating (and can even make a male guppy look pregnant). If that's the case, the scales may appear raised and rough (kind of like a pinecone), and it may have difficulty swimming. You can find more information and treatment options for this by Googling "Dropsy". (Just don't leave this too long, or your Guppy may not make it).