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how long does it take to build a guitar? Answered

I have no experience and it is my first time.
I have some experience in woodworking and tool utilizing though but i have never made anything like a guitar before.
I have another guitar to copy or steal parts from if i need it to help me.
i want to make a simple design like flying V.

I am going to spend around 4 hours per week.


electric or acoustic? Could be a month or two depending on your application of time. Find a good set of plans to follow. To do a good job you will need access to a reasonable set of woodworking tools. Electric isn't too hard buy the neck ready made. Buy the pickups. Acoustic - to get a veru good sound is difficult, to get something that plays isn't. but you may not be totally satisfied. It may not be as cheap as you think.

Hi, i am the one who posted the question but i just made an account. anyways, i am building an electric guitar and i have full access to all the tools. And would you know any websites who ship guitar building parts internationally E.G necks, knobs, etc.?

Hey Bro'-- Some places to get what you need are stewart-Mac Donald (stewmac.com)--they ship FAST everywhere. Another place is Luthiers Mercantile (lmii.com) I think. After you gain some experience, you can save money by getting parts from several different sites, but those two have everything, can be very helpful if you have questions and prices are good. I've built about a dozen electrics and am nearly finished with my first acoustic. Necks can be expensive, but on ebay, look for karosa or karosaguitar. He hand makes them out of exotic wood that would cost a fortune from Warmouth and you can usually get a pretty good neck for $40-70. He does a pretty decent job, not perfect but very good. I'd start by buying a pre-made neck for my first one. Good luck, I really think you'll find that with some patience and trial & error, you'll make a guitar as good as most factories. Go to "tonefordays.com" for humbuckers and there's a newer guy I've been getting Strat pickups from that are NICE-- bensonbasses.com--These both hand wind them and are way better than the big boys. Plus, you tell them what sound you want and that's what you'll get for cheap ! Well, cheaper than most hand wounds. Also, billlawrence.com--He's a legend and he doesn't charge much. Hope this helps ! ---SamX

If you're building an electric, and have access to a bandsaw, a router, and decent schematics, shouldn't take you very long at all. You could have the body roughed out the first day, then the rest is finishing and assembly if you buy a premade neck.

uhh well i built a b.c rich beast in about 10 days but i had a neck and electronics from another guitar so it wasn't that difficult

Make sure you learn all the required skills, eg. woodcarving, soldering before you begin. Otherwise you'll have to do several attempts.

Took a buddy of mine nearly a year. He would mostly do an hour or so on the weekends.