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how long till i see post or entry into contest Answered

i was just wondering how long does it take to see an entry that you finally get uploaded to appear so people can start voting on it? 


I assume you are talking about the Jack Daniels contest, since your only instructable is an entry to that.

Unlike other site contests, this contest is not voted for by the members, but judged by a panel made up at least in part by Jack Daniels employees, and happens off-site. If your entry has been accepted, then the judges will see it.

Look for an email in the second half of September.

but it has not appered in the contest. when will it appear in the contest.

There's just been a "long weekend" in the US, so there may be a delay in the manual moderation of entries.

As long as you've had an email saying your entry has been received, your entry will be fine, as long as it qualifies.

If you are concerned, send am email to service@instructables.com to check if there is a problem, making sure you include the URL of the entry, and your username.