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how many LED light strand can you attach together? we are putting up our tree and we would like to know. Answered


I use 24V 5a dc power supply also I making name plate by using LED. So, how many LED (red, white, green, yellow, blue) color use in circuit? Also if I connect 1500 nos of led connect then require another power supply need? rply plz

doing the math... you can have up to 28,000 red LEDs connected to a single outlet!

red LED 1.9v x 20 ma = 38mw
outlet 110v x 10a = 1100W
1100/0.038 = 28947 LEDs

what resistor or where can i find out what resistor I need for running something slightly less than 28k of ir or red leds?

You want to join strands together to make one long one?


if the are the ones in the picture then you can connect 43 strings together.


Should say on the packaging the lights were shipped in, right?

If these strands chain together using 110VAC (like traditional lights), I would expect the number to be fairly high given how much less power LEDs draw than traditional lights. If they use a separate power supply and you're chaining them together at the lower voltage, it's a question of how much power that supply was designed to provide.

Well, I guess I missed the "LED" on that query.  time to delete my answer...lol