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how many knex guns are there? Answered

how many knex guns are there?


Wow,all you guys have the wrong answer. There is accurately an estimate of 1,357 k'nex ibles on this site.Don't believe me,"click" my user name and see for yourself. :p

i think about 50,000 because every one has there own vesion of a gun

I estimate that between 2000 and 3000 are currently on the internet worldwide.

if you use the search bar and type in knex gun there are:
20 instructables per page
90 pages
this works out to 1800 guns! mind you alot of them will not be knex guns, so I'd say roughly 1000.


8 years ago

There is approximately 2,780 K'nex instructables on the site, give ortake a few. Some of these are models like engines, cars or planes, butthe vast majority is guns

Well There are countless numbers of guns made.

Nobody really knows for sure, not all knex guns are posted in the "Knex section", also, you have to factor every knex gun on youtube and KI, unless you wanted it to be specific to this site.


8 years ago