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how many views till in ible is 'popular'? Answered


I think it's a combination of views and ratings (don't know) L

it seems inconsistent method with my submissions and as I go back and track which of my ibles became popular I can't figure it out. Confused.

Or did you mean "Featured"? Those are selected by admins, who I guess think they're worthy of being Featured. Click the more-info button upper right to find out who featured it. L

I agree with you on ible editors select feature items. What I am curious about is 'Popular". Is it # views, # comments, ible editor or what? And is there a way to track your own ibles as popular? I can't seem to locate this feature. thanks

We have "featured" banners that get applied to your Instructables when it becomes featured. We should have the same thing for "popular". You raise a good point! I'll submit it as a feature request now. Thanks for the input, Noah

I think "popular" is some kind of statistical auto-definition, I don't know that it's possible to track. You could pop a comment on this topic and see if they can give you an answer?



9 years ago

Instructables has a feature team that is responsible for selecting our featured projects. We do this by periodically checking the recent list and making our selections. The team is comprised of the Instructables staff, and some expert users and friends who help us out. The popular list is driven by a formula based upon a few metrics like ratings and page views within a certain time period.

It doesn't look to me like an absolute view-count, but rather number of views in the past hours/days (where N is unknown :-). The I'bles currently at the top of Popular have between 4,000 and 7,000 views, and they were all published Friday or after. A staff member will have to respond authoritatively, but it appears to me that Popular is determined by computing a sliding-window views/unit-time for every I'ble, and sorting on that value.

there are instructables admins browsing instructables all of the time sometimes they got a little bored, so they click the 'explore' button, and view the most recent 'ibles, they read them, and if they like them, the 'ibles get featured