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how many voltage means one ampere? or how much voltage equal to 1 ampere current. how to convert it.? Answered

please tell me convergence of voltage and current.
how much voltage equal to one ampere?


Voltage and current are not the same thing.  Both are present in an electrical circuit, and often one is said to cause the existence of the other.

However,  they are not the same thing.

When you understand why this is so, you will be closer to enlightenment.


5 years ago

IF you think of a Resistor is Like a Pachinko_machine

And Current is Like the moving Metal_Ball_bearings

Then Voltage is Like Gravity.

It should be easy to visualize that more voltage ie gravity
will affect the current ie Metal_Ball_bearings transition
through the resistance ie Pachinko_machine.

While no analogy is perfect, I do hope this one developed
just for you, helps to begin your understanding of electricity.


yeah like we can adjust the gravity with a gravity regulator.

I think your analogy can fairly be called a load of balls

LOL   Load of balls.........

It's all I could think of  ...   after you fixed the H20 analogy :-D

Wait... seriously?

There is no conversion between Voltage and Current. This is a 3 parts equation. You need 2 of the 3 parts to calculate the 3rd. Voltage times Current equals Wattage otherwise known as Ohms Law. So if you know how much power there is and the voltage than you can calculate how much amperage is being used. Or if you know the Voltage and current you can calculate the power.

Think of it all like a stream or river. The width of the river or how much water it holds is the voltage. How fast that water is flowing is the current. That river can flow faster or slower without being any wider or thinner than it already is.

Sorry, no, current is how MUCH water is flowing, not how fast.

Likewise, Voltage is the pressure behind the water, not the width.

Power = volts x Amps is NOT Ohms law. Ohms law is resistance = volts/amps.


Your looking for ohms law which describes the relationship between volt amp and resistance.

Volts=amps x resistance

It depends what the resistance of the load is.  Another way of looking at that is to say there are no amps until the volts go thru a resistance. 

One volt thru one ohm is one amp. but 1,000 volts thru 1000 ohms is still just one amp. In other words, volts divided by resistance equal amps.

Google "ohms law" for more info.