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how much do I charge for a mask thats 5ft x 4ft made from wire mesh and modroc? a weeks work for a charity ball Answered

this is similar to what they want


First you need to figure out how much you're willing to donate to the charity. And how much the publicity you get from doing this is worth to you. And how much the enjoyment of the project was worth to you. Against that, figure the cost of materials plus the value of the time you spent working on it. And what the market will bear; the charity may have asked you specifically because they couldn't afford to pay much. Get agreement BEFORE you start work.Otherwise someone winds up feeling cheated, and that can ruin friendships. For my hobby-income jobs (locksmithing), I use a "flat rate manual" to compute a reasonable price as a pro would charge -- which automatically adjusts for the fact that I'm likely to take longer than someone who is doing this more often and is in better practice. I then, independently, decide how much discount I'm willing to allow, up to 100%.if the job has suffiient amusement, egoboo, or gift value. You've going to have to determine the final answer yourself; all we can do is suggest ways of approaching the question.

Well, if it's for a charity, try to keep it low, I wouldn't charge much more than the cost of materials. i suppose it depends on how you would normally charge, if it is hourly, try to keep the hourly cost below half of your normal wage. If you charge by the job, aim for maybe cost of materials, and as small of an amount as you are willing to accept. However, if this is one of those organizations that throws fancy balls for rich people to donate to charity to boost their egos, feel free to price gouge.