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how much does the average 3d print service cost in 123D? Answered

I want to make a prototype but have no Idea how much this 3D print would cost.



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This falls into the not a trivial question category. :) You will have to specify the material, the resolution (tolerance) you want the model printed at, how big it is, and how much material is required. This will determine what type of printer is used and how long it will take, which are going to be prime factors in the cost. Also be aware that some models print better on certain printers.

My advice is to look on shapeways for something similar to what you are printing and that should at least give you a rough guess. If you already have a model, I think that you can upload the model and get a quick quote on it.

Best of luck!

how do I get ViaCad v6 files to work on it

export to STL... STL accepted just about everywhere.

and yes. I just signed up for a free shapeways account and you can upload it and get a quote. (here are the limitations of the site (today))

Uploading 3D files:
Maximum size: 64 MB or 1 million polygons
Filetypes: DAE, OBJ, STL, X3D, X3DB, X3DV, WRL
Color printing: DAE, WRL, X3D, X3DB, X3DV
For textures: GIF, JPG, PNG
ZIP: Containing filetypes above
Privacy: Product will be private by default

thanks again it worked I will have my prototype made soon

Awesome. So the print was good and the prototype is what you needed? Congrats: it's still like six kinds of magic to me.

yeah I used shapeways to do the print

thank you I sort of feel as if I am repeating myself lol

Ask a suitable supplier they won't charge you for a quote.