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how much heat does a farnsworth-hirsch fusor generate? Answered

i have been looking at farnsworth-hirsch fusors and was wondering how much heat they generate.


How much power do they consume, typically ? The things are not over-unity ! A small one consumes a few hundred watts at the most I should guess.

.  From what I read on the Web, a DIY fusor requires little power - it's an electrostatic affair. Things are getting hot, but there's not much mass. But I'm not sure that I really understand what's going on i there. Maybe someone that knows what they are talking about, like kelseymh, will chime in.
.  Looks like something a few Iblers would be interested in building.

Actually, Steve's the one who pointed them out to me.  They are very, very far from unity.  Any heat output is going to be ohmic losses, not "fusion."

Apparently you can get a few neutrons per second out of a tabletop model using D-T shots -- which does mean that you'd better do some sensible shielding, and not build one if you don't know why I said that :-)

.  Oh, I wasn't looking at it as an (over-)unity device, just something neat and sciencey (hmmm for some reason, spellcheck doesn't like that word heehee). Like your single-photon experiment.

Yeah, that's exactly what I thought when I read the Wikipedia article.  Farnsworth claimed it could scale up to an actually power-production unit, and there was apparently a DARPA funded project up to 2008 or so!  The high-school built unit (your link above) in the article really blew my mind.

I wasn't sure, its can't be much power can it ?

Almost a shame they don't scale really.....

DIY fusion plant.