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how much heat from 1200 watt hair dryer will produce .seperate it from hair dryer and make it as hot air will it work.? Answered

well. i saw many in other website to use nichrome wire. well the easyiest way to build hot air is take the heating element from soldering iron or hair dryer which is nichrome wire... will it danger me, or any modification that i can do.


You seem to have missed out some vital information in your question - such as what are you trying to do.

Hot is hot no matter if it is air or water or radiant heat from an electric fire.

if you prevent the heat from escaping then it will build up to whatever the source temp is.

Your apparently going to be working with mains voltages (DANGER Will Smith - lost in space) they kill - quite often.

im trying to buidld hot air, solder and desolder, i got that this is quite dangerous any alternative to make sure im not burning anything or get electric shot.

A hot air DIY gun (for removing paint) should get plenty ho enough without needing to dismantle and will have safety features - their not expensive.






I can't vouch for these links as for content but they cover the same area/idea.

well im not try to build gun to remove paint, im trying to build hot air for soldering, from nichrome wire mostly.

thank you, but i have see the simple one, how people made the hot air, there are some hot air made, but not effective enough to salvage motherboard part, so that why i want to made the more effective and more highier temperature, it seem not working if the temperatrure is low.

Taking it out of the airflow will probably over heat the wire. They depend on the airflow to keep them cool below the melting point of the wire. You can add a bit of resistance or a bucking transformer (google it) and make it work.

Be very careful the wire is going to get red hot and will expose you to very dangerous amounts of electricity.