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how much hp does a go kart need plez follow? Answered

help me i need to know how much hp you need usally to have for a good long lasting go kart ive been wondering for mounths plez help        (please follow me)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


How fast do you want to go?

A human on a bike puts out about 1/2 hp. This can move a fit person at 20 MPH easily and a very fit person at 83MPH for a short while.

A garden lawn mower (push type) is generally in the 4 Hp bracket and a ride on in the 11 to 20 Hp bracket.

Gokarts for racing have classes where the engine size and Hp is defined by rules.

Often powered by 120 to 250 cc motor bike type engines they can do considerable speed.

thanz rick hp means horse power yes?. is it 4 horses and which is faster a quad bike of go kart +follow


5 years ago

An amusement park used 6 HP.