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how much light do you need for hydroponics? what type of plants work best? Answered

many instructions on the equipment needed for hydroponics, but they all leave out the how to actually put your plant in and how much light/where to put the plant....


is it need sunlight for hydroponics plant.

green house farming & hydroponics farming is same or differ.

Just built a small hydro setup my self, I started with cos lettuce seedlings tranplanted from pots, wash all soil off the roots and add to ur grow medium (i used perlite). I have a local hydro supply shop and i quized the guy that works there and he recommended at least 16 hrs on 8 off. For lights I chanced two 23 watt compact fluoro bulbs(It depends how much area ur grow bed is mine is only 30cms x 40 cms) with a reflector made from 2/3ds of a stainless steel bin cut length wise and made a frame to suspend it from with chain with nails as pegs to secure the chain from the top, this makes it easy to adjust the height of the lights. Keep the lights close to the plants or they go 'leggy' chasing the light These lights are good as they dont produce much heat but if the plants touch the light they still burn on contact with the bulb but can grow pretty close to the bulb with no damage .I adjusted the time down to 14 hrs and the lettuce started to bolt but hey it was my first go pretty pleased by growth rate almost at edible stage in 5 weeks. growing coriander directly from seed this time and will see how this goes I would go more lights when i do a rebuild and make sure the walls are reflective I put mine between 2 white sided bar fridges for reflective and warmth benifits(fridges and bulbs mantain temp at about 22 degrees C.I Try leafy greens as they are more forgiving on light levels than fruiting plants im told

If you are new to hydroponics, keep it simple and use sunshine! If you are feeling more adventurous, then you have a few options with lights. Fluros may look bright, but the intensity drops off quickly, so you will want to put them close to the plants. If you have more cash to spend, then look at using HPS (High Pressure Sodium). They create a lot of heat, but they generate much stronger light that your plants will love. (they also use more power, but at a better efficiency for the type of light you get from them). Make sure that with any light source, that you keep them far enough away from the plants, you should be able to put your hand at the top of your plant and not feel uncomfortable from the heat. As for what to plant, you can plant anything! Depending on your system that is. Try something easy like chillies or tomatoes. In about a week or two, I'll be posting a hydroponics instructable, keep an eye out for it ;)

. That varies widely, depending on what you are growing. Try searching for something like "hydroponic +okra" (using the plant of your choice after the +)