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how much load can a 12v 100RPM DC motor can take? Answered

i am making a rc car using four 12v 100RPM dc motor i want to how much load can my car withstand


i want to drive the wheel chair with a person sitting on it... moving front and back .. person's weight is 60 kgs... which motor should be use there?

Hi I am Mayank. I am a mechanical engineer. I think that you should use 12000 rpm dc on the each sides of the wheels and connect them together with a 100k/w battery using wire.

There's no answer to the question. It depends on the power rating of the motor, and you haven't stated that, and even then, that is stated at "rated speed", so at 100RPM it might give you 100W, but at 1RPM, it will give you only 1W

load can mean an number of things.

1) the easy one is how fast it can go. If your motor can go 100 rpm and your wheel have a circumference of 2" then you can go about 16' per minute or .3" per second. This assumes you don't use any gears to increase the number of rpm's or decrease the number of rpm's to get more torque.

2) this one I have always had trouble with which is how much torque a motor has. This is more about how much the motor can move. Again this depends on the gears you use. This might help explain it more


If you list your complete motor specs someone might be able to tell you more.