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how much psi can a a1 steaksauce container hold Answered

I have a project and i need to know how much psi a a1 steaksauce container can hold


well i would recomending wrapping duct tape over it with many layers as added protection! from all my years with pvc cannons i have learned bottles are not great with pressures!! but i expect it to go bout 120 then pop but i might be wrong like i was 2 yrs ago a 1L coke bottle busted in my hand and i have vry bad scars!! what i suggest doing is finding a burlap bag and putting one on it cuz the plastic wont tear through burlap!

I'd recommend shrink wrapping or taping around it so if it breaks glass doesn't go all over.

High velocity plastic shards can do just as much damage - and won't show up on Xrays as well as glass...

I assume over 100 psi since a normal waterbottle can safely hold 100 psi (don't hold me to it though)

without knowing the composition nor size of the container, it is hazardous to even guess.