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how much voltage do hdd motors take? Answered

I took apart my old corrupted hdd and want to use the motor in it



Best Answer 8 years ago

it hooks into a power supply, meaning the driv will take a 5 volt and a 12 volt input (it will need both). (at least for ide drives, meaning its connected with a molex and a ribbon cable.) sata: it will use a 3.3v rail, 5v rail, and a 12v rail. (again, all of the above, not one of them)


2 years ago

which wires must i connect to a dc power source to run it???? (color)


8 years ago

Hdd comtroller is powered with 12v nut for speed stabilization purposes motor does not run on max speed. so we can assume that it is powered with about 8-9v

If you decide to use another controller for hdd motor, for example from RC plane. you can power it with any voltage. which is supported with your controller.

motor (not controller) will burn at about 40V as I tested.

Simple answer: 5V or 12V.

Complicated answer: Hard disk spindle motors are generally 3 phase brushless motors. In order to get them to run you need a pulse driver circuit. There are plenty of different ways to do it. However, i'll not reinvent the wheel.

This is worth a read (another Instructables question), as is this (555 timer based solution), and this (a PIC16F84 based solution).