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how necessary is it to learn how to use sketchup for design? Answered

Seeing sketchup used a lot on instructables i wonder if i should learn how to use it because i'm interested in design.

Tips on getting good at it? like learning shortcuts and the like. links welcome!


Alternate viewpoint: People have been designing things for millennia, without any kind of software assistance. Designing in itself is the true skill. SketchUp is just a tool for communicating the design, much like any other CAD package or paper drafting or cardboard models or whatever.
Learn it if you want to. It's free and it's fun to play with. It's not a critical design skill, though.

So it does. I hereby strike "alternate" . One may substitute "luddite" if one wishes.

Oh yea, you're right of course, I only use CAD for final drawings: "design" happens in the pub, in the car, in bed, it happens in your head, on beer mats split into 4 piece, so you have four clean pages (damp, often) to work on. I'd say fag packets, but it woudn't translate to American very welll....


Considering its free, its very good, but as a professional user of CAD/CAM its a very frustrating tool for me at least. I can do in my CAD in seconds what it takes several minutes on SketchUp - and I am pretty proficient in Sketchup too.


Sketchup is a decent 3D rendering tool, amazingly good for its (lack of) price. Learn to use it when you have something you want to use it to render.

(It's becoming popular with the woodworking community because it lets them draw plans that you can view from any angle and "disassemble" to see how various details fit together. I haven't actually seen all that much of it on Instructables, but that may just reflect differences in which projects we're looking at.)