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how or can i enter an already published instructable in to a contest that is relevant to it...if so how??? Answered

for example if a LED challenge came up and an old instructables i have is fitting to the challenge can i enter ir or must i go through the motions and re-submit it


Already-published projects are not eligible.

However, if you significantly improve an existing project (improved photos, better write-up, solve problems found in the original build etc), then you can enter the new version.

Be aware that "improved" would be expected to include "made again, with fresh photos".

Just challenge yourself and create an entirely new Instructable.
Sometimes if I think I have a really good Instructable I hold off publishing it for a month or two to see if a relevant contest pops up or if I have 3 projects in progress and a relevant contest comes up I'll focus on that project.

just click on edit then go to publish and pick the contest you want to enter!

Good idea if the person running the contest isn't paying attention. Otherwise they will notice it isn't an old instructable and will disqualify you. The whole idea behind the contests that challenges is for the site to get new instructables to help keep the site fresh. Its also a means for instructables to get some advertising $$. In turn you get the chance of winning some cool prizes. So don't try to cheat the system. Its not helping anyone. It certainly isn't helping your chances of winning anything.

Most contests require a NEW ible; once you're published you can't enter in a new contest that comes later;

usually something like "Contest open to entries published between x and y date"