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how should i ask this girl out that i really like but it might ruin our friend ship if i do? Answered

there is a new really smart girl in my class and i want to ask her out. i always get nervous when i try though. one time i told her i had a secret and she said that it better not be you liking me, but on the other hand she has always been saying these things like "my Mom says i'm not allowed to date until I'm in high school" or something like that. does she like me more than a friend?


I agree with Frollard, but I'd like to toss out an alternative:

Dodge the whole question of what to call it (a date, going out, whatever) and just ask her if she'd like to join you for something specific (a movie, ice cream, a game...), as you would any other friend whom you'd like to spend more time with. One at a time is a lot easier to handle than a request to commit, and you can continue offering invitations until she asks you not to. (But watch her reactions, and try not to pester her with them too often if she really isn't interested.)

If she isn't comfortable with that, you can try asking her to something that you and a group of your current friends are doing together. Continue that until she decides she's either comfortable with one-on-one or decides she isn't interested.

ALWAYS start with a friendship. Sometimes it moves farther, sometimes it doesn't, but friends are a good thing anyway -- and if you start that way, there's a lot less risk of it getting nasty if one of you decides to move on.

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I completely agree with Orksecurity. A friendship is the best start you can have ( I actually married my best friend). Do a lot of friend-things together and if she is really interested then she will give you signals.

It is not a full-prove methode but you won't find one regarding to love and relations.

Okay i have something to ask theirs this girl i like and i know she likes me back but every time me or her try to make a move the same Person keeps on messing it up her friend and my Friend always keeps on interrupting when ever i try to make a move what do i do?

except i want ot ask my best friend out but he likes me and he has a gf what should i do?

You youngsters need to understand that you have a lot of life laid out in front of you. If you want to be more than friends, ask her out. If things don't go so well or worse, she doesn't want to see you anymore, then believe me, you will have plenty more chances for love in your life. The hard part is actually believing this and moving on. Stop beating yourself up and go for it. If you don't, then you will never know. Go fast or go slow, but definitely ask her.

ask her if she would like to go have a coffee or something after school

from friendship to love ,its more Solid.

Fact - Asking her out will not wreck your friendship. Dating her and *$(#ing it up will wreck your friendship. ...so just ask.

"I really like you, do you want to go out with me". bam. Will you get shot down? who knows. If you don't try your odds are roughly...zero.