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how should i charge my 4xAA NiMh battery pack? Answered

a project that i am building is going to be powered by 4 NiMh batteries in series, i need to be able to just plug a cable(wall wart) into my project box to charge the battery pack.
there will be an arduino clone(with plenty of free pins to spare) available which i could use to control a charging circuit with it.

how many volts and amps should i charge the pack with? how do i detect the voltage drop when the batteries are done charging? is heat detection necessary?

the batteries are 2000mAh each btw.


i forgot to mention that i want the arduino to control the charger for it's own battery pack, while it's being powered by it(well, the arduino will probably be powered from the wall wart while charging)

I wouldn't know really, but look at charging circuits first so you know what you need it to do.


 i would prefer building the charger myself as i would like it to be integrated into my device.