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My arduino's L led or pin 13 led doesnt blink and my computer (windows 7) is not even recognizing it. Answered

i need to submit it this month . i am using it for a bipedal robot.can anybody recommend me troubleshooting steps.it was working well before and the cable also works.


thanks but i would like to know the terminals to attach on a board. i mean like the ones which have places for attaching motors and no need for soldering

Need much more detail - No data sheet for your board? or are you making one?

this sort of motor driver board in the below picture


The link I gave you and a little thought would have answered your question for you

The attached pic shows what I think is correct as marked on the PCB.

You still going to need to read through the information in the link to understand how it works.

motor connections.jpg

i need the connection to the motor drivers voltage pins because i have a robotic kit on which only those connections are not included so i would only like to know the power supply . the link which you gave me was very informative about the driver and also the schematic based on it but i only need to know through which pin on the arduino should i supply it power.

still don't understand. Were there no instructions?

no instructions on that motor driver. i will explain it to you . it says that the 2 voltage pins are those that you see the first ones ahead of the board and the other ones you can see by magnifying the picture.

Do you want to run two motors bi-directional, or 4 one way ?

WHICH of the dozens of boards out there are you talking about ? Your question isn't sufficient to answer it. Rick rightly pointed you at HOW to wire a 293.