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how should i organize my knex? Answered

how should i organize my knex? i am currently using cutlery compartments. if you have any ideas please leave a comment below



Best Answer 6 years ago

I organize my knex by sorting each piece into plastic containers. I put my miscellaneous pieces and my motors in one container, my wheels and tires in another, and my roller coaster stuff in another one. My panels and large gears go in the same container, and my small and medium gears go together. For my small pieces (like ball and sockets, clips, spacers, hinges etc...) I bought a small fishing lure organizer and put them in there. Finally I sort all my other pieces by shape and size. I hope this helps.

I sort mine by using the tubs that come with them and I put the random stuff in one(motors, gears, wheels, chains, etc.). Connectors in one. And rods in one. I also found a old baby wipes container and put my spacers in there, It really made it easier. And don't worry, the container was for the clean 1's.

i dont know if youre asking how to sort it, or where to put your sorted parts.

But you can get a few sets of plastic drawers and put each kind of piece into each one.

thanks for telling me. this really helps! :)

This is how I organize my knex.

I have four boxes or tubs. one holds standard knex. another holds micro knex. a third contains wheels gears, panels and other miscellaneous parts. and the fourth holds all roller coaster track cars chain and motors.

you could go even further by sorting all standard connecters in a box and another could hold all micro connecters.that way you have all the rods and connecters seperated to.

Sort them for shape, color is irrelevant