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how skype works? Answered

a close frien of mine owns acer laptop. he also owns a huwaei usb modem. He installed skpe but he doesnt know to use it. please help coz i don wanna say i also don know.
Do it Skpe use the phone line or do it use the internet?
Must you have a web cam?
How do you contact somebody else on skpe?
What is skype credit?



Answers to all of these are available at http://www.skype.com/

Skype is a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) service. It does not use the phone line.

Videoconferencing is featured, but not required; if you don't have a camera, it doesn't send video.

Placing a call, and billing, are covered on their website.

(Er, if it doesn't use the phone lines, how does it connect to the internet...?)

. It _can_ use phone lines, but there are other ways to get a TCP/IP connection (eg, cable).

Given the either-or nature of the question, I assumed the question was POTS versus broadband. But, yes, it isn't clear that the querant knows the difference... It needs whichever connection gets you to the internet, and only that connection. (At least, on your end of the system.)

Like previous answer, it's an internet thing (software) you should have some manual/instructions with the install.