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how to "ROOT" samsung intercept for sprint Answered

    how do i "ROOT" my samsung intercept from sprint? i found a few apps that are amazing
    ("wifi tethering", "set CPU", "root explorer" "root manager"), but  i need superuser (root)
    access. can anyone explain what "ROOT" is and how to get it?
    (update) I'm starting to understand "ROOT" is.)

     and what is  "KERNAL"

     i want to install flash player 10.1 on my intercept from sprint, but after i installed, it was the
     same. do i have to root my phone?

    i cant find any good info on HOW to root the SPRINT INTERCEPT phone.

    which is better, the samsung moment, or the samsung intercept?

    is this the ONLY phone the SUCKS in EVERY SENSE (bad screen re;  unable to root;  no
    multi-touch; android 2.1 no flash support;  non-sensitive capacitive buttons;  
    unresponsive;  slow)

    (update), my phone updated today and now is running 2.2, froyo. now the capacitive
     buttons work the way there supposed too. but i still cant i update flash.  and is rooting
     gonna be possible (or at lest possible)?

(re update 2011 Jan. 11) my phone still has no multi-touch (except for the "pinch to zoom" like before.but only on the browser); no flash player; and the hardware still SUCKS (bad res LCD screen, "EV-rev O" radio, ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE built in memory) some reason this phone after the 2.2 update, is a LOT slower and more unresponsive then before.

8) does anyone know how to root this phone and flash it with some better-suited software for this model phone (m910)


In Unix, "root" (also known as the superuser, from a misinterpretation of the su command which actually means "set userid") is the administrator account. Admin is NOT safe, which is why you normally do not run in that mode; it removes all safety-nets and requires that you know Exactly What You Are Doing. If you have to ask, you have no business running as root without someone who Has A Clue walking you through ever step, unless you really don't care if you turn your phone into an expensive paperweight.

"Tethering" refers to using a cellphone as a data modem. On many phones it's a standard feature; I know nothing about the Intercept.

Firmware is the operating system that runs on the phone. "Flashing" (from flash memory" refers to overwriting part or all of that operating system with an updated or modified version. Again, if you don't know what you're doing you can turn a smart phone into a dumb brick.

If you can't find any information on how to muck with your phone, your phone may be one that can't be usefully mucked with. Most can't, really.

well, i FINALLY GOT ROOT!!! im now deleting bloatware and installed titanium backup and barbarically wifi

by now i learned many terms, thanks, sorry for the sort of late response. you seem to know what your talking about. i have found a few methods for rooting after the 2.2 update. im still not sure if i want to that bad. but i think this phone really needs it.

i came along the idea, what will happen if i put my phone in download mode, install gingerbread 2.3 rom, then go into recovery mode and install update.zip. will that work in rooting my phone as well as flashing it? i think it will erase all my data, is that true?

To start off I will say that I am answering this question from my rooted samsung intercept; however I have bricked two phones in the process and am planning on doing the same to this one, even rooted the intercept sucks. But if you only want dial-up speed wifi tethering you can root you phone by loading it with the ixeian kernal, probably misspelled "ixeian" but my phone runs to slow to try an look it up, this will either give you root access to your phone or if you brick it 3 times and play your cards right you will get the next level samsung cost free courtesy of the 2.2 froyo update.

did you over-clock the CPU to a 2 GHz?

That is how i bricked my first one, at first it worked awesome, but after about 30 min it started crashing rapidly, at one point it told me that the kernal was not responding and gave me the option to wait or force close. How i was able to get this error when the Kernal crashed....... well i just can't explain that one.

i think i will just upgrade to a evo 3D that thing is AWESOME!


7 years ago

Root is the Unix/Linux term for Administrator. One who can access and change the basic OS.

Su or Sudo is a terminal command authorising temporary Root privileges.

If you don't know these, I'd advise you not attempt whatever it is you are trying to do unless you have a step by step guide and backup everything you have.
To me, your very question spells disaster in the waiting.

i'me starting to learn what all those terms are now but i cant find out how to root (superuser-access) my intercept from sprint

Root/superuser access doesn't necessarily exist on a phone.

The guy said "Su or Sudo is a terminal command authorising temporary Root privileges."