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how to add more USB female ports to my pc? Answered

is this     RIGHT OR WRONG  ?????


you can daisy chain up to 127 devices on one hub. The problem with diy is that if you short a usb device it will cause your computer power supply either to turn off (good) or blow up (bad)

better to get commercial hubs and then daisy chain them than risk shorting wires.

You will know the minute you have a short when you plug it in and the computer goes black. (been there done that and got a t shirt)

you cant connect data pins(pink&green here but usually white and green) in parallel. hubs needed to manage signals. they can share +5V and ground(dont short 5V to ground) but then, power management wont work... also you will need more power for devices on all ports, computers usually wont put out more than 1A that is barely enough to run one drive "stable" so take it as 1A for each port. I use 10 port hub. it comes with 5V2A adapter but I use 5V5A adapter now. otherwise i cant run two usb harddisks at once. more than that is too much for thin wires and small adapters.


Hi Sailorondatea,

Where did you find your 5V5A adapter? This is exactly what I am looking for.


You can't "add" USB ports like that. Each needs its own circuits to drive it. You CAN steal a couple of hundred milli-amps of power from two ports, but it can be risky when there is a fault

Either a USB hub or a PCI/PCI-e expantion card.

No idea - no pin numbers - buy a hub.

You can add 4 usb 3.0 ports for $12 at newegg. I'm not sure you can get more for less using DIY and you run the risk of damaging your hardware or whatever you plug into it.

Also you haven't labeled all the pins so no one can know if it's right or not.