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how to add pictures to a comment? Answered

How do I add pictures in a comment? the first one to give me a decent answer gets the best answer, no matter if someone comes with a better answer.


Click the "add images" button, and you can upload images from your computer by clicking the "browse" button. Just click what picture you want, and click "upload".

If this still doesn't work, you may want to download Firefox if you're using Internet Explorer. Firefox works best with this website.

Find your image and save it to your hard drive where you can find it (ie the desktop or my docs).  Type out your comment or answer and click 'add images'.  Click browse and find your file. Click the file and hit open.  Add the tags and click the orange upload button.  Pictures are automatically added when you upload them.


I always looked abovenot below for the 'add image' thing!!

I got so far, but then:

'Add the tags and click the orange upload button.'

...erm,...what are tags??

(Good luck Mr Muggle!).

Tags are sort of like keywords.  They help you to find your picture back if you upload a lot.  eg: for my LED aquarium lighting project, my pics were tagged like this: 'LED, aquarium, finished' or 'LED, Power, Rail'.  Use something descriptive, not 'pic1, pic2'


Thanks Willard2.0

Without exaggeration, I've tried at least a dozen times to upload an image.

I used the last 4-6 letters/figures of the image in the tag window, and the first two times got the image to appear...., but could not get it into the answer window. After that I couldn't get the chosen image (using the same method), to upload at all.

The timer was turning, but I won't wait for ever more (two minutes was enough!).
This method of uploading an image seems to me to be protracted and complicated. I don't have the time to waste.

I'm going to try something simple like pulling out my impacted wisdom teeth with a pair of rusty pliers.

Thanks again!

there is no button for add images, do I have the wrong browser


8 years ago

There should be an "Add Images" button in the lower left hand corner just below the Reply box. If it isn't there, then your browser is most likely filtering it out. Make sure you have Java and Java script enabled and your browser or anti-virus isn't filtering the Instructables site.