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how to amplify a dc power of 7v and 130mA to maximum? Answered

I know that i could do that using transistors, but how , what type and what rating of components should i use?
should i supply transistors a separate current in order to power it?
if i have to supply, is it profitable even after giving that current? Becuz we are wasting a power to increase another power!!


We can't help you till we don't have details regarding your source and how much power you want to derive from your source.
But as you are saying you don't want to use transistors and other source to increase power so here's simple law you should keep in mind,

"Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, can only be changed from one form to another "

More information would be appreciated in order to solve your problem.

my source is 7v and 130mA i.e o.91W power.I want to increase the output to 7W.Mainly i want to increase the current to 1A,becuz increasing the power would be easier if we increase the current instead of voltage. its not that i dont want to use transistors .i want to use transistors

You want to use your 7v 130mA to supply 6v 1.2A plus you don't want to use transistors too to increase your amperage.
Here's your best shot.
Use 9 such sources in parallel.

It is the best way to keep your voltage same supplying greater amperage.

Refer this link for more information.


Have a G'day.


but the problem is I have only one source!!!

In that case you either need to change your source or buy some new identical sources.

I don't really understand what you are asking....

Do you want get more voltage or more amps?

What is the purpose?

i want to increase the output power. I am able to get only 7v and 130mA from my generator,but i was not able to rechrge 6v and 1.2A bttery efficiently.Is there any way to increase the output by any means?


3 years ago

Power = Volts * amps, so if you have 7v and 130mA, thats 7V x 0.13A=0.91W.

If you are referring to some sort of impedance matching sanario, where be changing the output voltage or current as an effect of the current or voltage respectively, related to a load, that is another story. You can certainly use buck and boost converters to convert between volts and amps, but the product of the 2 can never be higher than 0.91W, generally speaking, it will be less than 90% of the input power.


3 years ago

You said it "Wasting power to increase power" without understanding energy or power you have discovered Efficiency.

You can certainly amplify DC power to any level you wish with a super capacitor given enough time and then set up an up inverter to amplify.

To maximum. 7V @ 130mA is maximum you can get from a 7V @ 130 mA power source. If you want to get a higher voltage from that power source you can do that but you sacrafice amperage in teh proccess.

Your question is odd, since reading it as it is implies you want a switch, not an amplifier. (to maximum)

Moreover, you seem to think that it magically produces energy, which an amplifier most certainly does not do. It simply multiplies an input by a function and returns the result (In analog vlaues).