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how to ask a girl out for the first time? Answered

ok there is tihs girl in my class that i like and she knows that i like her and im not afraid to ask her out but i dont know how and where to, i go to the park with her and my friends alot and i need to know exactly what to say to her



8 years ago

well all i can say is that if shes know you like her and you hang out with her you can instigate a conversation where she ( or you) gets asked out on a date. personaly i really have no idea lol but it could work

awe! don't worry about it! its so nice that you like her this much you want to be sure you ask her out right. its really sweet and it shows that you really like her. im a girl and as i said before, sometimes social awkwardness is cute. the reason you don't want to be someone else is because girls aren't attracted to a fake. even if you don't know it, they can see right through your act. treat her right. call her beautiful instead of hot. call her when she's sick and offer her anything. listen to her and don't be a know-it -all jerk or think you're God's gift to the world! if you do this, i can assure you, you will find a nice girl who will love you back. idk if you asked this girl out yet, but if you didn't, i wish you the best of luck!

Talk to her a little and make her laugh or be happy. If that's in her mind you can pretty much ask it any way you want and she'll say yes. Just be casual with her for a little bit before you ask. Girls don't want a tense, edgy, unsure bf. Act yourself when you're trying to impress her and just act yourself (your happy, confident self). Don't try and change, just be yourself. If you can make girls happy being yourself, everyone will be happy in the long run. Just be a confident friend, then ask her out before everyone leaves.

"...Hey I was thinking... maybe you would like to do something like this again.. but with just the two of us.." or *on swings? swings are good!* "Hey (girl's name) , do you want to go out sometime? ...to the movies maybe?"

most importantly don't back out, you never know when you'll get another chance at her or what will happen. Start it now! You will either both regret not starting it earlier, or she will say no, and being rejected feels like NOTHING compared to what happens in a real relationship.


9 years ago

here ya go...ready? -will you go out with me..... TADA!