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how to attach a craftsman lawn mower motor to a bike? Answered

So I got two free craftsman lawn mowers on craigslist (one of them works the other one has parts). i couldnt really find a name or anything so its 6.75 high torch horsepower or something like that on the front. i think this is it, but im not sure. its probably older than this http://www.epinions.com/reviews/Craftsman_6_75_Torque_22_in_Deck_Rear_Bag_Front_Propelled_Lawn_Mower_with_High_Wheels_37646_epi

I want to attach it with minimal $, and welding. any info helps.


I have the same lawn mower. It might be possible with bevel gear boxes.

a quick tip: a 6 hp motor on a bike... not going to happen the bike will not be able to handle the power and will affect the integrity of the bike, therefor you will literally crash and burn. and if you even tried to go about doing that it would cost more than just buying one, a weedeater engineis more than enough to get you going i made a bike for $30 and it ironically goes 30mph! i made an instructable right here if you want to try.... https://www.instructables.com/id/how-to-make-a-motor-bike-awsome-fast/ please select me as a best answer! and good luck!

The engine can only be mounted in one way - that is, the way it was mounted to the lawn mower. The only way to do it without a gearbox is to use a long v-belt to get from horizontal to vertical.

Use pieces of angle iron. you can drill holes in them, thus eliminating the need for a lot of welding.

Angle Iron is simply flat bars of steel forged into a 90 degree angle. simply gather multiple pieces of said material, cut it to size, drill holes the same size as the bolts you have (you did buy bolts and nuts, right?) and simply use bolts for your connections as opposed to welds. It will really cut down on production time. finally, as I do not have a picture of your bike, or the mower, I will let you flex your creative muscles and design the structure of your bike mower, and also let you come up with a fancy moniker!

OK it's a vertical engine, probably wouldn't like being run horizontally (from the perspective of the fuel system at least). Not really the right engine. Hover-craft - yes, how about it? Otherwise minimal $, and welding is unlikely. L

dont hover crafts require more material? Also they dont really go fast/get high off the ground. im looking to make something fast, and I already have a bike and an engine

You are correct about the hovercraft, yes. The picture is small, but I believe the fuel tank is mounted on the side of the engine - rotate the thing so that the output-shaft is horizontal and you have an instant problem with filling it up, and the carb' will be in the wrong position too. I don't believe these have a clutch, which would be a major obstacle also. Unfortunately, it's the wrong engine for an easy job. L