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how to attach electrical box to lolly column? Answered

is there a clamp, bracket, etc that I can buy or make to facilitate the attachment of an electrical box to the lolly column in my basement?



Best Answer 8 years ago

If your lally column is round (that's how Wikipedia describes them), your best bet is to do what the contractors do: use a pipe clamp, or a pair of them if the box you're attaching is big enough.

Got it! Thanks! Hardware Joe had same solution. Bend the knockouts at back of the 4" box open far enough to get the clamp thru. Clamp fits nice and tight to column without hazardous exposures. If contractors use this solution then it is surely the fastest, and therefore also the cheapest. The cable going up the column, BX or conduit can use same clamp, or maybe even just cable ties.

Yup, that's sort of what I had in mind. If you are really ambitious, you could even skip the knockouts, and use a Dremel to cut slots on the sides of the box to thread the clamp.

Over hear, pipe clams are how traffic signs and even thinks like fire-alarm boxes are anchored to poles (of course, they use fancy-schmancy tamper-resistant screws :-).

"Pipe clamp" - yes those are the right words. L

I just did this and it turned out fine. I punched out the four rear knock-outs on a four inch square box, wired in two duplex outlets and attached it to the column with two heavy-duty self-tightening nylon cable straps. The idea of leaving the knock-outs in place and bending them back flush to the straps sounds good on paper but unfortunately in practice the knockouts are "hinged" in the other direction. Instead I trimmed knock-out plugs with aircraft shears to allow just enough space for the straps and it looks fine. Code? I doubt it. That would probably require attached a wooden block to the column and nailing the box to the block.

Lally column? You probably want some kind of bracket: ask in a hardware store or builder's merchant. L

I'd think you want a bracket either welded to the post, or wood bracketed to the metal that you can screw the box onto.

I was thinking of lamp-post mounts, but couldn't easily find anything non-decorative or not already mounted on e.g. a bin. Someone will stock brackets for the job with screw-mounts to attach e.g. a sheet of board. L