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how to avoid disturbing sound ? Answered

i make a 5.1 channel amplifier but the amplifier 5 seekers are disturbing noise (the sound like boooo.......) the volume control increased then disturbing noise increased .
please help ! how to avoid this sound
amplifier ic tda2030
the amplifier input using dvd out put 5.1 chanel,usb module aux cable
taped transformer using out put 12-0-12 & 27-0-27 & dual bridge rectifire
27-0-27 using subwoofer  ,12-0-12 using 5 channel amplifier
the usb module working the 12v convert to 5v only the help of ic7805
usb module connecting or ON  more distubing sound is prodused 
i am use the headwire  volume control connection but the sound is not decreased .



2 years ago

Good quality amplifiers mute the output when you turn them on or off and make changes. sound like your isn't


2 years ago

What power rating is the system supposed to be, and what power ratings are your power supplies ? A TDA2030 is a very old, fairly low power amp.

You can't describe a circuit, you have to post a wiring diagram