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how to avoid ground loop when use one powersupply for multi guitar pedal? Answered

Hello .
I going to buid a guitar pedal witch have 2 boards in a box and use a power supply to power both of them.But i dont know how to wire them to avoid groound loop problem.Normal i will do like the picture below .Do i need to cut any wire to avoid the noise ??
Thanks for advance!

sorry for may bad English!


How far apart are the units ?

Bring all the 0V lines to one point on the case then ground that point. Note the difference between "ground" and 0V

Do you MEAN ground, or OV

To help pad the 2 boards so a ground loop won't be created you could use a 600:600 ohm transformer. This allows the signal to pass from one board to the other without the grounds physically touching and creating the ground loop.