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how to blow out candle with mouse trap? Answered

1. design and build a machine that will put your birthday candle out by setting off the mousetrap. Must have a diagram labeling your project.

2. the candle and mousetrap must be one meter apart from each other (39 inches) no more, no less.

3. you must have at least 4 simple machines in your invention. the mousetrap does not count as one of them

4. only the machine between the mousetrap and candle count as part of your 4 machines.

5. you may use any household item you choose as long as its appropriate for school.

you must use the following but are not limited to

1 birthday candle
1 mousetrap

at least 4 different simple machines



8 years ago

I'm not going to tell you how to do your project, but I'll give you a few hints.
1. Does the candle have to be blown out or can you snuff it out?
2. A lever is a machine
3. A twisted rubber band is a  machine
4. A weighted pulley system is a machine
5. A rolling ball on a track is a machine
6. Falling dominoes is a machine
7. Anything  transmits or modifies energy to perform a task is a machine

thank you

Can you tell us what simple machines are?  Give us a list.

What do you think you need to blow out a candle? 

How would you make air move?


ah...bill nye :D

Homework assignment?
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