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how to build a dresser shaped like a tool chest? Answered

ok, my son is 2 and has a race-car bed just like every little kid dreams of (my ex-mother-in-law found it for him at a yard sale) I want to coordinate his bedroom around this bed, because it's such a big part of the room and kind of hard to ignore the shape. I saw this kids dresser made by step 2 that's shaped like a tool chest (pictures to be included), and it's really neat and would go great with the garage theme I'm planning, but the only problems are 1) it doesn't seem to hold much, and 2) it's kind of pricey. so I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out how to make a dresser that has a similar look to it. I do have some basic woodworking skills, but not much in the way of tools. I can rent other tools, but I pretty much have a hammer, a drill, and POSSIBLY a circular saw (I'm not sure if we've got one of those). it doesn't have to be perfect, but I really want to try and do this for my son.


You could use pvc floor tiles for the top of the dresser. They
have that cross hatch kind of design like in your picture,
and they come in black , as well as other colors.


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I would recommend you not try to build from scratch. Hit some thrift stores, used furniture stores and 2nd hand stores and find a used, smooth front dresser to modify.
If its too tall you can cut it off above the bottom drawer and convert some or all of the remaining drawers into doors with shelves inside.
Paint it in colors appropriate to a garage motif, add industrial handles and hardware and slap a bunch of automotive decals and stickers on it. You can even have your son help with this part. And if your son is like mine was, in a year or two it will look like it has actually been in a garage for a lifetime.

As far as kids' imaginations go (they are wonderful) - paint a dresser the right colour and put stickers on it. After all the bed isn't really a car...


well, no. of course the bed isn't really a car, but it looks like it, and I'm a bit of a perfectionist. if I'm trying to make a room themed, I like everything to look pretty close. a regular dresser painted blue is still obviously a dresser. I like this because the doors are shaped to look like the drawers in a stand up tool chest like my dad used to have. it's still a dresser, and you can still tell that it is what it is (just like the bed), but the overall shape and effect are that of a tool chest.

The only real differences between this and a real dresser, besides the plastic material, are: it's blue and it has car themed stickers on it. That and maybe a little faux diamond plating on the top.

You could pretty easily replicate the effect. Just paint it the same color as his bed, slap some car related stickers on it (should be easy enough to find on ebay), and tell him it's like a tool chest. He's 2 so that and his imagination is all he needs. I bet you could even find some sheet stickers with the diamond plating pattern.