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how to build a large manual air pump to suck in 1000 cf of air and push it out Answered

the air will be forces out into a bag that is under water in a tube that is 6' dia X 10' deep. the air must fill a 8 cubic feet bag in 20 to 30 sesond. who much force must be places on the handle to such the air iin and most importantly to force the air out into the bag? is this even posible to build?  the hight of the manual air pump is not an issue the dia is lineted to the dia of a steel tube I can get. thank you wlglover  


Try the reverse:
8 cubic feet bag inside a big tank, have maybe 12 cubic feet of water at height, pull the plug and squish the air out?



Without a lot of people, this is a job for a pyrotechnic inflator.



7 years ago

These pumps are the highest-volume hand pumps that I know of, and can be built with hardware store components. I actually use a homemade version (not made by me) for blowing up large whitewater rafts. I'm not sure about the CFMs, but even when trading off between two people, it takes at least 30 minutes to fill a raft.


7 years ago

  1. Many pumps, one would be problematic.
  2. One person would be be hard pressed to move 8 ft3 (~500 lbs.) of air in 30 secs.  Will need mechanical assistance.

Intuitively this looks like an impossible project to manually power unless you have the help of several people.

Sounds like a question for some of the math/engineers here.