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how to build a legit working ark reactor(like 20MW)? Answered

need to power robotic suit...


arc reactors are a prop from the movie 'Iron Man', not an actual generator or something that produces electrical power. Anyway, in the movie they build it with palladium, which is rare to find and very expensive. Why not using batteries or if you need more buy a gas powered generator

The "ark reactor" from iron man was based off of a tokamak nuclear fusion reactor and is a great source of cool-looking, efficient power for any application(like a weaponized armor suit)

I dont think that a homemade nuclear fusion based reactor in a backyard is a good idea...........................................

20 million watts is enough power to power a city.

If you dont mind the noise and the 11 2000 KW generators then this might help you out
and its cheap at 4 million dollars USD

actually i need it to fit in the chest region of a robotic armor suit so those won't work :(

quite cool though!


6 years ago

First you need to find 20 missiles, a cave, and an angry terrorist to yell at you about deadlines

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6 years ago

Well, you can make an arc reactor pretty easily, I think you could even be able to do it in a cave or something. But I really don´t know how would you want to achieve the 20MW. Most of them are about 1.21 gigawatts. I bet you could give a try at time travel with that power. Oh sorry wrong movie.

First you need to buy Do gallons of pure military grade you realize and that grams of Iron Man isn't. In a blast furnace heated to a F, heat the documentary? until it is a smooth consistency and a light golden brown color. This next part is tricky, using a pair of Don't you think lift the molten that if out of the furnace and pour it into a mold shaped like a arc reactors. It is absolutely critical that the mold is were real the military and would already be using them? . Once the mold as cured, which takes exactly I minutes, no more no less, remove the casting and move on to the final assembly step, seriously hope. Using that gauge you don't wire begin to wrap the core. The pattern is: really think that arc then reverse for reactors are real things. and finish the wrapping by Although, I think there. Now that the core is complete place it in the case and move on to programming. The reactor is going to have to be programmed using the are some great language. The 5 sequences you need are: Initialization, perpetual, motion, Test, and machines. Upload the program by connecting the out there to the that should. Run the program, making sure to be powerful enough to run your suit. when you first start it up.

Try the forums at PESWiki.  Somebody there can hook you up with the plans for sure.  Also note:  the only reason technology like this has not found its way to the mass market, is because of a vast conspiracy, mostly on the part of the oil companies, to keep it covered up. 

It's a film prop!