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how to build a loud speaker with a speaker and a mic full step with circuit diagrams Answered

Hello i want to build a loudspeaker with simplest things i have a electrical speaker with + and - terminals and a small mic with tow outlets can anyone figure out the way to to do this with the simplest method ???

i will be thankful to him.


You need an amplifier between the Speaker and the microphone.

Connect the microphone to the amplifier input and the speaker to the output t should work.

i would buy a suitable amplifier as making one will not be easy for you.

which one i can use i have lm 358 amplifier can you tell how to use it

Do you have an old portable tape recorder? If so then plug the mic into the input and the speaker to the earphone, push record and on almost all of them this turn on the amp.

You can't just hook it up to any amp. Your speaker will only handle a certain amount of power. If you put too much through it you will blow the speaker.

We need more details about the speaker. How much impedance does it have? How many watts can it handle? What size speaker is it?

I would BUY a suitable amp as making one will not be easy for you.

The 358 is an OPERATIONAL amplifier, an amp literally for doing calculations. What you want is a POWER amp, like the LM380, or LM386.


rickharris has correctly pointed out the connections to be made, and is absolutely correct when he says "making one is not easy".....

BUT, here's  one simple circuit diagram, for a 1W audio amplifier, made without using any any IC......just simple resistors and transistors.... It mentions the use of a Darlington pair (a kind of transistor)...though, instead of that, one can simply connect two transistors (emitter of one to base of the other) to achieve similar amplification!....  :D
The link to the entire web page, explaining the process is here.  :D

I've tried out this circuit on my own sometime before....it worked like a charm!!.  :D

Though i'd still suggest you to have a look at these....some awesome instructables, using LM386 to achieve amplification......

Hope this answers your question!!!   :D