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how to build a pipe desk? Answered

I would like to use galavanized water pipe to make a computer desk that goes as high as my ceiling (shelves).


That would be a strong desk.

I would use atleast 1" pipe.  And you can design your desk on paper and figure out how many of each length and how of each fittings you need.  Home Depot and Loews carries precut/prethreaded lengths of pipe.  It's not going to be cheap though.

I think you could scale back a bit on the pipe diameter, if flanges are used to secure the unit to the floor and walls (and ceiling, if possible), instead of making a freestanding unit. Also, the desktop/shelf surfaces can add some stability, depending on what is used for the surfaces and how it is attached to the pipe.
Like you said, though, using precut & threaded pipes is going to cost a bundle. It might wind up being cost-effective to rent a cutter and a threading die and make your own pipe nipples. The added benefit is that then you get pipes of exactly the length you want. It's messy, but not difficult, and probably cheaper all told.

be a sight less expensive to use electrical conduit in 1 1/2" od and assemble by brazing all joints


8 years ago

I would suggest doing a drawing or even rough sketch of what you want, include measurements. Then like redesign suggests... off to the home improvement place, a salesperson should be able to talk you through what you need and how to assemble it