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how to build a "cool sound" muffler for my car? Answered

hv a Toyota yaris 3 cylinders. want it to hv a nice cool sound. how to build a muffler which can do tihis...??



Considering I've seen these things for $10 or less... just buy one. That said, these things get made fun of by everyone outside of a very narrow range of fans... and I promise you that one day you'll get tired of it too. If you want your Yaris to sound better, tweak it for performance. Don't waste time on fake noisemakers.

Yes, but very hard to police. The same goes for a lot of lighting kits, sirens & horns, and a number of more complicated modifications you can do. Here in Canada, most national automotive chains carry these kinds of parts, but it's illegal in certain cities/towns and they can violate provincial noise laws. Still, it's perfectly legal to do this in much of the country. The national chains buy these parts in bulk and ship them out to each store, without checking the local regulations pertaining to the product's use. It's up to the consumer, they say, to determine whether or not the product is legal to use in their area (which is true). The worst is, police don't have the resources to go after this kind of nuisance. Imagine you were an understaffed precinct in an urban area... How low on your list would a few kids with soup cans tied to their mufflers be?

Well yeah... No duh about the hard to police part. Just if you are going to do this, I suggest you don't do or seem like you are doing something illegal, as they could use it as an excuse to search your vehicle (perfectly legal!) Its just like walking on the left hand side of the crosswalk (its illegal, but not policed a lot). I once heard a story where the police were able to take a concealed weapon off of a gang member that way. Better idea: drop the muffler. Buy a jet engine.

. Unless you know how to weld sheet metal, your best bet is to buy a muffler and/or resonator. Make sure you get something matched to your engine or you are likely to mess up the tuning (less power and economy). . As for getting a cool sound, you're missing five cylinders and a couple of hundreds of cubic inches. heehee