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how to build a roof over a 3ft. x 8ft. grill table ? Answered

how to buid a roof over a 3ft.x8 grill  table using a 4x4 post on each end of the table



sounds like nothing but a bunch of smart asses on this site. I asked the same question on a Nother site and I already have the roof put on. It was pretty simple deleting this app now. You guys are a bunch of jokes .

You must be nursing a hurt to play mini revenge with three people who only asked for more information in order to help you better. I'm glad you have a new roof and it is a pity that with all those clear well focused pictures of the little fish on your FB site you did not choose to show us your grill location.

While I believe my smart ass is equal to a revenger brain, you did succeed in offending me as a joke. I seriously wanted to help you design something nice.

Also I am glad it was simple, for you, to delete "this app"

Have a good day Christopher....

idk, your question is poorly constructed and difficult to read.

Sitck some posts in the ground or attach to the table. add a roof.

It is asking me to select the best answer and there is not one...I noted that it is a grill table....And the measurements are 8 ft. long x 3 ft. wide.... I now have a roof over my table and it was not that difficult at all..... THANKS

If you make your construction an instructable and it is just featured you can get a 3 month pro-membership.


2 years ago

What is your skill set ?

Can you weld Al ?

Where in the world do you live ? It is important in overhang design because of the rain drop shape and preferred slat approach direction.

Pictures, drawings, details...
As I always say: we do our best to imprve our clairvoyancy potential but it is a long and painful process.
Until we all can clearly read other people's mind we require the details in writing, or picture form.
I am terrible sorry for the inconvinience caused by this!