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how to build a small jib crane for my deck,i'm on the third story and hauling fire wood up six flghts of stairs getsold Answered



8 years ago

A jib crane seems to be a bit overkill to me. Assuming  that you will not be attempting to lift more than 100 pounds at a time, a simple boom with a hand cranked hoist or block and tackle system should be more than adequate.
You could mount the boom on a vertical wall or on a pole fastened to the deck, so that the boom swivels in over the deck for unloading. 
Triangulate the boom for strength and make sure your mounts can support the load.

Is there any place I can get a diagram or simple picture of this design?

Here Is a picture out of an old book I have that shows the basic design.  Just replace the large wheel with a regular pulley and use a hand-cranked winch or come-along on the bottom.

By the way, for some reason this was called an Irish Crane.