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how to build a solar powered recording studio? Answered




Hi Guys I build last year a solar powered mobile recording studio. See the pics below to get the idea.


4x 220Ah Solar Batteries (2x 24V / 440Ah)
5x 150Wp /24V Solar Panels
1x Victron Multiplus 70/3000
1x Solar Charger

Energy-Consumption of my mobile Studio is about 150Watt.

Even on days with a mix of clouds and sun, we get about 200Watt from the sun.
Without any sunshine, the 4 batteries last about 5 days (8h a day working time) for recording/producing music off grid.


Tree Power Solar Trailer - 780 Watts of Solar PV and 300 watts of Wind Turbine with an Outback 3500 watt pure sign wave inverter.
Tree Power Bio-Diesel Generator - 6000 watt
Tree Power Solar Mobile Power Pod - 520 watt solar PV with a 1500 watt pure sign wave inverter.
    Tree Sound Equipment

System A      
Main Speakers
    Two, Meyer Sound UPA-1P Powered Mains
Two, Meyer Sound UPQ-1P Powered Mains
      Two, Meyer Sound USW-1P Powered Subs
    Two, Meyer Sound UM-1P Powered Monitors
      Two, Meyer Sound UM-100P Powered Monitors
Front of House
    Midas Venice 320 32 Channel/ 6 Aux/ 4 Bus Console
    32x8 150' Whirlwind Snake w/ MASS Connectors
    dbx DriveRack PX Powered Speaker Processor
      Klark Teknik DN370 EQ for Mains
    Two, dbx 2231 EQ w/ NR for 4 Monitor Mixes
    TC Electronic M-One XL Reverb / Multi-Effects
    TC Electronic D-Two Multi-Tap Delay
      Six, dbx 160A Comp/ Limiters
      Two, dbx 1066 Dual Comp/ Limiter/ Gate
      Drawmer MX-50 De-esser
      Denon DN-C640 CD Player w/ MP3 playback
Microphones     Six Shure SM58's
      Six Shure SM57's
      One Audix DP-5A Drum Mic Kit

Two AKG C1000 Sm Diaphragm Condensers
      Two Shure SM27 Lg Diaphragm Condensers
      One AKG D112
      Six Radial ProDI Passive DI's


....and $60,000 in spare cash ? At least ? Interestingly no mention of battery banks there. Once that little lot is running, the solar panels ain't going to scratch that load.

And storage batteries and a really high quality power inverter.

And a smart meter to sell your surplus energy back to the grid when you're producing more than you need and the batteries are full.

Did anybody mention anything about finding some one with a little talent to record?

Well... this is like that rule "Ask stupid questions, get stupid answers". Except in this case.... "Ask obtuse questions, get obtuse answers"