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how to build dc electromagnet which produce 5mT of flux density? Answered

which type of core should be used.it is used in electronic circuit just to wake up data logger



1 year ago

If the cylinder is not made of iron then you have the beginning of a solenoid.

If it is iron then you may have a lifting magnet or inductor.

I found this formula on the web.

Force exerted = (NI)^2 x 2Pi x 10^7 x Area/g^2

(NI)^2 = number of Turns * Current Squared.

Pi = 3.14159

Area = area of Coil

g^2 = distance to object Squared


You need to click the pics to see the whole image.

electromagnet is used to wake up logger .it uses 3.6v step input.

it is data logger.device used to read data like temperature and humidity etc.we just need to initiate the logger by giving a step input of 3.6v dc .field generated by the electromagnet will be sensed by the some electronic switch and it will turn on the data logger

Over what area ? To what precision ? 5mT over a soccer field is very hard. 5mT in a tube like a pencil is not. 0.01% variation is hard, 10% is not.

over an iron core solenoid of 2 inch height and 0.5 inch dia.