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how to calculate force required to lift a 40 kg mass? Answered

 i want to throw a 30-40 kg opponent robot in a robowar in air! i wanna lainch it in air, that is the attack strtegy am using...please help me to find th e force required to do that. thanks in advance!


400 N should do it then.

To lift up <em>vertically</em>, you will need to use Force=mass x gravity.<br />For 40kg, a force greater then 392N is required.<br /><br />You build robots and you don't know how to calculate force?? Wow....<br />

Lots of people build things and don't know the numbers.  They have very good intuition.  And they don't stop at the first failure.

Wish I had learned a few more of the numbers when I was younger!

Yeah, i know, but a guy can't calculate force and he wants to build a robot??? Thats basic!

At least 392 newtons.

Since you want to THROW it in the air, its not that simple to work out. You need to accelerate it to some speed. How high ? How long in time and distance have you got to accelerate it ? 

 about 2 to 3 feet is sufficient dude:)...just to scoop the opponent and launch it in air so that it would topple.